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Pushing Humanity Forward

Citizens Of The World are people like you giving the world hope for a promising future!

The time has come for everyone to help every one.

We are comprised of volunteers helping people and our planet during world catastrophic disasters .  

You can help give humanity a promising future for all life on this planet we call "HOME"

Presently, we provide emergency assistance to individuals and families in crisis by raising funds and volunteering with community partners to help deliver medical aid, solar lights and much needed critical supplies to help human lives in devastating natural disasters.  Support and/or take part in our humanitarian disaster relief efforts for a chance of a promising future.

Anyone and everyone can be a Citizens Of The World. Join our Humanitarian Mission, and help improve our world for all  life.

We are citizens of cities, we are citizens of countries, but together we are CITIZENS OF THE WORLD.

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Citizens Of The World

C I T I Z E N S  O F  T H E  W O R L D

Pushing Humanity Forward
Al Magdaleno

 I'm Al Magdaleno and to explain how CITIZENS OF THE WORLD came about, we have go back 32 years when I started 10 years of military service.

I fought in 2 wars, traveled around the world and met people on every continent.  I've had the privilege to experience the world as an active part in wars and have seen the atrocities that humans can do to each other and conversely, the many acts of kindness and love that gave hope to many when humanity seemed lost.

I have learned a few things. War is never the answer and one persons kindness can make a difference in many lives and alter the most violent situations.  - a little kindness makes a world of difference, changes minds and in time changes the world. 

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fought in 2 wars
worked with the freemasons &
volunteers from every continent
Lived / visited
- italy
- saudi arabia
- united states
- france
- peru
+ hundreds more...


5 rules of life 3.jpg

Al Magdaleno's message to all americans

Citizens Of The World


June 2017 - July 2018

Al Magdaleno explains what can be done when we work together. Anyone can volunteer and Anyone can make a difference. COME WITH US!

After Hurricane Maria


The entire island has been cut off from the rest of the world. No communications, No electricity, Hospitals are down, People have no where to live, Police have no communications. If you need help, you can't even call 911. We go in to help...

Delivering Aid
Around The World

It's All About Working Together

With the help of Global Empowerment Mission, Third Wave Volunteers, Bethenny Frankel, YoNoMequito, hundreds of volunteers and donors around the world, we delivered food, water, water filters, solar lights, medical aid and much more to the remote places throughout the island of Puerto Rico.


We Are Unified Through Our Humanity


Coming in 2022


Coming in 2022