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We are currently providing solar lights to villages living without access to electricity. See your donations at work in the pictures and videos below. Donate a solar light to a family living without electricity by clicking here


April 2022

Ccapi, peru

We traveled 4 hours to a remote village called Ccapi. The residents only speak Quechua, the ancient Inca language. We traveled with two priests, Rene Pena from Cusco and Marco from Colombia and they translated. The people no longer had to live in the darkness because of your generous donations.


As we traveled to Ccapi, there were houses in darkness along the way, So we stopped and called out to see if there was anyone living there. A couple came out and we surprised them with their new solar lights.


ccapi, peru

After we gave the couple their new solar lights, the lady called out into the mountains for other families to come down from the mountains!